Low Voltage Lighting

Landscape lighting can beautify a home as well as improve security and increase use. Pathway lights illuminate the ground and define the borders of the walk while wall lights can be built into steps for added emphasis. Directional lights can, not only, highlight specimen plants and beautiful architectural details but also eliminate dark spots that burglars could use for cover. Lights also increase the hours you can enjoy your landscape. Used together, these different forms of low-voltage lighting can provide function, ambiance, beauty and safety without coming across as overdone.

Stoneworx can design and install a beautiful and useful landscape lighting plan for your home. We offer fixtures from a variety of manufactures including high-quality cast bronze and budget-friendly aluminum. All of our landscape lighting systems are installed with No-Ox Marine Grade tin-coated wiring with all splices are solder dipped, covered with silicone wire nuts and taped. Our transformers come with a photocell and timer to simplify the scheduling and new LED fixtures keep operating costs low

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