Walkways and Pathways

A well-designed walkway complements the home as it guides visitors to the front door. The main walk way should be wide enough for two people to walk side by side, typically 4 foot,  while less important entrances, such as those to the mud room or utilities, can be denoted with a more narrow path or stepping stones. Most importantly the surface should be even and level to prevent tripping, eliminate puddling and enable snow removal.

Landings and Steps


Steps should be easy to navigate with a low rise and hand rail, if needed, so that even elderly visitors can enter safely. A large landing at the front door allows adequate room to open the front door and comfortably greet guests. Including space for a bench allows a place to set packages or sit to remove muddy shoes before entering the house, while a portico may be added to cover the landing and provide shelter during unpleasant weather. This architectural detail can also add depth and style to the front of an ordinary house.

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