The driveway is the point of entry for most properties so the surface creates the setting. Parking is a matter of necessity but with proper planning it can be made more convenient. Extra spaces or even a parking court may be required for large families while a simple turn-around can be used to prevent frustration for drivers or damage by large vehicles. Consider paving an additional space, wide enough for a car door to open, where the walkway meets the drive. This allows room to drop off guests or unload packages without having to step into the lawn or bed.


Flanking an entrance with pillars is a popular way to separate the home from the surrounding environment. With or without amenities such as post lights and gates, pillars offer a sense of boundary and an impression of elegance. They can be constructed using masonry block and veneered to match the stucco, brick or stone used on the home or segmental concrete blocks manufactured by a paver company.

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