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The Three P’s of Buying a New Shed

The Three P’s of Buying a New Shed


It is easy to view a variety of shed styles, colors and options on our website, From charming garden sheds to quaint mini barns and much more, our website offers storage buildings suitable for many types of tools, vehicles and hobbies. It even allows you to select door/window location, trim colors and amenities. While budget and zoning plays an important role in the selection of your shed we always urge customers to go with the larger size when in question – no one has ever called us back to complain about their shed providing too much storage space.


Many townships will require a permit for installation of a shed. Most will want to verify that it will be installed with-in a home’s right of way, some will want assurances that the building does not exceed impervious surface allowances. The paperwork needed for this approval is typically pretty simple, requiring a lot plan on which the location and dimension of the proposed structure is shown.


Preparation can be done any time after the permit has been approved prior to delivery of the structure. Preparation may include demolition of an existing structure, installation of a base and/or walls or other hardscape needed. Concrete and clean stone are the two most effective materials for a shed base. Clean stone is less costly while still allowing for drainage and air circulation. A concrete base allows a structure to have higher sidewalls and is required for any building with a second floor or over a certain size. Northampton Township, for example, requires a concrete foundation for any shed 144 square feet or more. Even in municipalities where this is not a requirement though, you may be surprised to know that our wooden shed floors can accept the weight of a vehicle.

We not only deliver/install sheds but can also provide demolition or base preparation services allowing you the convenience of one-stop-shopping from a wide selection of outbuilding designs.


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