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5 Steps to Staying Cool in a Pool this Summer

5 Steps to Staying Cool in a Pool this Summer

Hot weather and humidity have settled on the Philadelphia region. While many retreat to the shore or the lake, smart homeowners are able to skip-the-trip and enjoy summer in their own backyard.

Water is the source of all life. It sustains plants and animals alike; cools the environment, offers entertainment and provides a source of relaxation. There is no better way to capitalize on these benefits than to install a backyard swimming pool.

  • When you have a pool, the kids will always have a place to play with friends
  • Adults love pools too, so you can host the best summer parties
  • Pools are not just for fun; laps are a great way to stay in shape
  • When you have had a long day, relax in the pool or spa
  • Even when they are not in use, pools bring sound, motions and tranquility to the landscape


Construction of a pool is a big project but with the right guidance and experienced contractors, it can be a cool breeze!

  • Selection – Choose a pool contractor with a good reputation, strong customer service and creative design skills. Remember a pool is more than just a shell, it may include a patio, walkways, outdoor kitchens, pool houses and other landscape amenities.
  • Design – Since pools have specific structural and geographic requirements, some forms of grading, retaining or even engineering may be required. Retaining walls can support a pool or nestle it into a hillside and provide additional seating.
  • Permitting – The township will require proof that any proposed pool will be located with-in allowable boundaries, be properly constructed and adequately protected with features such as fencing.
  • Storm Water Management– Many municipalities will also require that a lot remain under a specific percentage of impervious surface and/or account for it with some form of drainage. Seepage pits, spreaders and retention basins are some of the ways to mitigate water issues.
  • Construction – Timing is critical to proper pool construction; some aspects require inspection, compaction, curing and protection which occur in a specific sequence. A good relationship between contractors is critical.
  • Beautification – Pergolas, shade trees, privacy plantings, flowers and landscape lighting all come together to create an outdoor environment that is both beautiful to look at and fun to use.

Stoneworx works with some of the area’s top pool companies to help bring your vision to life, call today and schedule a consultation.

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