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Light the Way Home with Landscape Lighting

Light the Way Home with Landscape Lighting

During the dark days of winter, many homeowners leave before sunrise and return after it has set. Not only are they missing an opportunity to enjoy their home, living without lighting can pose a risk. Un-lit homes are more likely to be broken into and harder for visitors to find. Dark pathways and steps also put the family at risk for tripping and falling.

Landscape lighting can offer safety and security for a home.  It also provides additional hours of enjoyment. A well-lit home offers a variety of textures, effects and purposes, bringing color, movement and interest to the landscape at night and all year long.

Let There be Light

There are more reasons than ever to consider adding landscape lights your home:

  • Welcome visitors and provide safe walking areas
  • Illuminating architectural details eliminate dark corners in the landscape
  • Enjoy specimens and focal points more often
  • Technological advancements, including digital timers and photocells make operation easy
  • New LED fixtures keep operating costs low

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Options

We recommend a landscape incorporate a variety of lighting techniques to ensure the home is both beautiful and functional in all seasons. Used in combination, these five forms can provide function, ambiance, beauty and safety without coming across as overdone.

  • Pathway Lights
  • Spot Lights
  • Uplighting/Wash
  • Downlighting/Moon
  • Task Lights

Stoneworx can design and install a beautiful and useful landscape lighting plan for your home. We offer fixtures from a variety of manufactures including high-quality cast bronze and budget-friendly aluminum. All of our landscape lighting systems are installed with No-Ox Marine Grade tin-coated wiring with all splices are solder dipped, covered with silicone wire nuts and taped. Our transformers come with a photocell and timer to simplify the scheduling.

Schedule a consultation today and see what bright ideas we can offer for your landscape.

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