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5 Ways to Add Warmth to Your Landscape

5 Ways to Add Warmth to Your Landscape

Winter had finally come to the Delaware Valley and with it come our thoughts of evenings centered around a cozy fire.

Flame has long attracted human interest. Since the days of the caveman we have used it to cook our food, warm our homes, gather our family, celebrate our rituals and inspire our imaginations. While the technology has improved the advantages of fire remain unchanged and it serves many of these same purposes today:

  • Toasting marshmallows and hotdogs over a fire pit with the kids
  • Taking the chill off a cool evening on the patio
  • Cuddling in front of a romantic fireplace
  • Having friends over to celebrate with a bon fire
  • Simply gazing into a dancing flame

Adding a fire pit, fireplace or linear burner can offer all these benefits as well as extend the hours and seasons in which you can enjoy your landscape.  Start planning now to add a fire feature to your landscape and you can be enjoying it by the first seasonable evenings of spring.

There are many ways to “bring the fire” and they fall into price points suitable for a variety of homeowners.

  • Campfire/Chimnea

These are the lowest cost option, usually consisting of freestanding item.  A  campfire ring is set on the ground and used to contain the flames while a chimnea contains, and often has a stand to elevate, the fire when used on a deck or patio.

  • Patio Heaters/ Tabletop Firepit

Slightly more expensive but also freestanding, this category is comprised of patio furniture items intended to provide heat and/or flame. Some towers and tables are quite decorative while others simply feature a heating element.

  • Linear Burner or Fire Bowl

These purely decorative elements allow a flame to be placed almost anywhere you can imagine: on a wall, in a pool or as art of a sculpture. They are often modern in design and treated more like a piece of art than function. These focal points are perfect for adding drama to the landscape.

  • Fire pit

Typically built into a patio, these units sit about 18” high and can be configured for wood or gas. The major paver manufacturers (EP Henry, Techo Bloc and Belgard) produce fire pit kits from their wallstone materials that complement the colors and textures of these products.  They can also be constructed using boulders or veneer stone and capped with a variety of materials but are all mid-range in price.

  • Fireplace

The sky is the limit on a fireplace and that’s not just blowing smoke. Simple gas burning units don’t require a chimney or masonry structure which keeps the cost lower but a fireplace is often a combination of form and function intended to offer heat as well as ambience. They are a wonderful feature to center an outdoor room, block an unsightly view and allow for decoration as well as providing efficient heat. Common materials include pavers, stucco, stone and brick. The extent to which one designs the decorative aspects will greatly affect cost: size and scale of firebox, hearth and mantle, height of chimney, and details such as corbels, tiles, chimney pots and keystones can increase it substantially.

  • Indoor Fireplace

If your idea of the great outdoor is limited to a view from the couch, you are in luck. Many homes come already equipped with an indoor gas or wood burning fireplace which can benefit from an update. Veneer is a product that allows for the application of a new color, texture and style from thin cut stone or brick.

Stoneworx can design and install any of these fire features into your backyard landscape, call today and schedule a consultation.

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