Dirty Brick Patio After

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Everyone knows that spring is the time to edge and mulch beds, plant flowers and prepare your gardens for the growing season ahead. What many don’t know is that there are steps you can take to improve the appearance of your interlocking concrete pavers patios, walkway with pavers, driveway with pavers and other hardscaping .

Concrete pavers undergo the process of “efflorescence” during which, minerals in the cement dissolve in rain and naturally rise to the surface where they can make the pavers appear hazy and dull. Cleaning the pavers removes this discoloration while sealing them improves the color of pavers with a long-lasting luster and protects them from staining, fading and stray sand.

Stoneworx is one of the few EP Henry Certified Sealing Specialist’s in the area. This means our landscapers have undergone specialized training and that our company is recommended to clients by the EP Henry company website to care for their interlocking concrete pavers.

Because efflorescence is a natural process of curing concrete, pavers should not be sealed until it has run its course. We typically recommend waiting a year. If pavers are sealed too early, the minerals will be trapped in the product and continue to cause discoloration.

Before treating the pavers, any existing stains must be removed using specialized cleaners. The most common paver patio stains are rust – from metal patio furniture; grease – from grills; and organic matter such as hard water deposits, algae and leaf shadows. If the area was previously sealed – no matter how long ago – a chemical stripper must be used to remove the product used. Any repairs required to the construction should also be done at this time.

If the surface was recently installed using polymeric sand, it can be surface washed and the sealant  immediately applied. If it is an older installation, the sand incorrectly installed, is insufficient, has weeds, ant mines or other debris the joints must be power washed in order to remove the existing material before scrubbing and sealing the surface; a two-day process.

Once this prep work has been done we apply Seal ‘n Lock – the only product to offer an “all in one day” sealing process; the sealant is dry within hours so you can use your backyard patio paver s the next day. Seal ‘n Lock is offered exclusively by EP Henry but can be used on most surfaces including all brands of concrete pavers such as TechoBloc and CST.  The water-based sealant contains no toxic chemicals, won’t harm pets or plants and because it has a low VOC content – is odor-free. It also comes with a two-year warranty.

This spring, don’t just clean your gardens, clean your walkways, backyard patio and pool decks – and protect them all year long – with Seal ‘n Lock.

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